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Laia Oto Llorens

Laia is an economist with intense professional experience in finance. She worked for the United Nations Development Programme’s project titled Technological Information Promotion System (TIPS), based in Rome, as finance manager. Then she was hired by the Society for International Development, an international non-governmental organisation headquartered in Rome as finance manager. She then moved to the U.K. where she created her own start-up. She is now based in Barcelona and is co-Founder of 1x1microcredit.


Núria  Burrull Benito

Núria has a degree in Fine Arts and in Painting Restoration, with a career-focused in illustration. She worked in her early days as a teacher and tutor of Visual and Plastic Education. She also worked few years in the field of restoration of easel painting, polychrome wood and mural paintings. After a series of illustration projects she decided to improve her skills of illustrator and attended courses of Illustration at "L'Escola de la dona" in Barcelona, under the mentoring of the known illustrator Ignasi Blanch. She currently works as an illustrator.


Eva Morell Farrús

Eva is a graphic designer with a career focused in education. She worked in up State of New York as a Graphic Designer for a three-year period, where she gained an extensive knowledge dealing with customers and product tracking. She is been a producer and occasional trader designer of leisure and educational products for children. In 2006 with a professional team creates one of the first web and paper agendas for children and families in Catalonia, TOC TOC a children’s guide for parents. In 2012 following a series of digital edition courses for professionals, she opens a new space of design in her portfolio experience.